Why having Xmas only once a year?


The beautiful thing about working for a gift-business is that you have a good feeling every day!

For those who don’t know what LoyalTom does, well is very simple: We surprise your clients! But the business goes deeper, LoyalTom is a client retention solution or better our system understand what your client really would love to receive for her/his birthday, anniversary or whatever and believe me: is not always the usual bottle of wine!

How does it work?:
• As a company, you get reminded a couple of weeks before the event of your best client
• You receive on your email three perfect gift ideas all personalised and of course without exceeding your budget
• You click on one of them and the game is done! We buy it for you, we wrap it, we find the matching postcard, and we deliver everything to your desk (or if you prefer directly to your client)

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