Did you know that 68% of clients leave companies because they don’t feel appreciated?

It’s time to show appreciation.

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How exactly does LoyalTom work?

You register on LoyalTom and add ONLY ONCE the people you care about the most.
We do not need their real names or addresses. No privacy issues.

Two weeks before any event, LoyalTom sends you a reminder by e-mail (or SMS, if you wish). On this, you will find three gift ideas that match the preferences of your client.

Click on one of these ideas, pay with a credit card, and we will organize the rest:
• we will buy the gifts
• pack them
• add a greeting card and
• send them wherever you want!

Any more questions? Tel. +41 44 501 83 00 or welcome@loyaltom.com.

How much does LoyalTom cost?

LoyalTom costs CHF 45.-/reminder. Each reminder contains three gift ideas that are perfectly matched to your customer's preferences.

Want to test LoyalTom for free? Send us an e-mail to welcome@loyaltom.com

Why should I use LoyalTom?

- Brainstorming
- looking for the right gift
- wrapping it up
- looking for the right card
- bring it to the post office
All that costs a lot of time!

The main difference between the many gift websites and LoyalTom is that you do not have to scroll endlessly spending valuable time to find the right gift. We do the job for you! We send you a few but good ideas. Just one click and you can take care of others urgent matters!

Consider us as your new gift concierge :-)

What kind of gifts are we speaking of?

Our talented creative team is discovering new gifts from all over the world every month. Technology, interior design, art, events and many more to constantly surprise you and your customers.

Could you execute our gift ideas?

Of course, we would be more than happy to execute your ideas, let's discuss welcome@loyaltom.com or Tel. +41445018300.

Connect LoyalTom to our CRM?

Yes if you wish, we can create an interface that automatically connects your CRM with unique gift ideas. Call us and let's discuss (Tel. +41 44 501 83 00).

Open for collaborations or investments?

Let's speak. Write us an email on welcome@loyaltom.com or call us on Tel. +41445018300, and let's arrange a meeting.

Do you work only in Switzerland?

Yes, at the moment we are available only in Switzerland. However, we are always interested in what the next market is! Please do not hesitate to contact us via email welcome@loyaltom.com or call us on +41445018300.

Other questions?

Please do not hesitate to email us at welcome@loyaltom.com or call us on +41445018300

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