Make Clients Fall in Love
with You All Over Again

Retain more clients by making them feel special and appreciated
(They don’t need to know it’s automated)

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Sure, clients sign contracts with you because you get things done, but, it doesn’t stop after delivering the numbers or getting the conversions. The competition is fierce, which is why we need to keep clients happy.
The question becomes: How do they know this relationship’s got what it takes to last? «GIFTS!»
Sending clients specific gifts on special days is the absolute BEST way to remind them just how much you care and appreciate them. BONUS: It’ll show them how awesome you are to work with, too!

Give Client’s Gifts the RIGHT Way

We know, it’s tricky. The date, the occasion, the gift, even the gift wrap – you have to nail it to actually make sense. PLUS, you have more than one client… they don’t know that, and they SHOULDN’T know that… but that’s a lot to keep track of. That’s why you’ve been sending bulk gifts… it’s also why that’s no longer working for you.
You need help keeping track of which clients like which things. That’s LoyalTom does. In addition to sending you key reminders when it’s time to get a client a gift, it also gives you three gift options matching your budget and your client’s preferences!
Before you know it, you’ll make each, individual client feel so special, they’ll think you’re better than Santa Claus!

Be Better Than Santa Claus

We remind you
every event

We don't want you to send your gifts late. On the other hand, we don't want you to send your gifts way too early, either. We send reminders via email or SMS (if you prefer) just in time for you to choose the perfect gift.

We pitch unique
gift ideas

Your gifts will stand above all other gifts and you'll be remembered because of them. We don't just care about their uniqueness, we make sure your clients appreciate them above all else.

We send them

We understand how busy you are. That's why we deliver the gifts to either your office or directly to your clients wrapped and on time!

Check Out Gifts We Wrapped for Our Client’s Clients!


For those clients that love to stay fit. We have many out of ordinary training sets that will leave your client open-mouthed.

Naughty Linen is the Swiss linen boutique that appears on international interiors magazines when it goes on anti-allergic and high-quality EU products.

Sustainable gifts are the best to surprise those clients of you that (you think) have everything.

Never underestimate a friendly game or an elegant symbolic item that will let your client think about you every time.

Wine and cards don’t impress clients anymore.

Be creative